Birds of the Philippines
Taxonomy: IOC version 6.1

Ducks and Geese, Megapodes, and Pheasants
Petrels, Grebes, Ibises, Spoonbills,Herons, Fregatebirds, Boobies and Cormorants
Ospreys, Kites, Hawks and Eagles
Rails, Crakes, Cranes, Buttonquails and Stone-Curlews
Stilts, Avocets, Plovers and Painted-snipes
Sandpipers and Snipes
Pratincoles, Gulls and Terns
Pigeons and Doves
Owls, Frogmouths, Nighjars and Swifts
Trogons, Rollers, Kingfishers and Bee-eaters
Hornbills, Woodpeckers, Falcons, Parrots, Pittas, Woodswallows and Ioras
Cuckooshrikes, Whistlers, Shrikes, Orioles and Drongos
Fantails, Crows, Tits and Larks
Bulbuls, Swallows and Bush Warblers
Warblers, Grassbirds, Cisticolas, Babblers and White-eyes
Fairy-bluebirds, Nuthatches, Starlings, Rhabdornis and Thrushes
Chats and Old World Flycatchers
Flowerpeckers and Sunbirds
Sparrows, Munias, Wagtails, Pipits, Finches and Buntings

Christian Perez
Muntinlupa City, Philippines