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            Carlton H. Graves started producing stereoviews in Philadelphia around 1880. All Graves Philippine stereoviews were published under the brand name Universal Photo Art Company. The company was active from about 1895 to 1910, after which the negatives were sold to Underwood and Underwood, and presumably went from there to Keystone with the rest of the Underwood stock.  

Graves published a catalog of about 1600 views, which included a set of 100 Philippines views numbered from 8901 to 9000. Some views were separately published with numbers 1 to 100, which correspond to the range 8901 to 9000 of the catalog. Some were published without number, mostly with captions identical to the numbered views. All views in the set are on light gray curved mount with a typical blind-stamp impression of the publisher's name, address and logo. Graves used a platinum-process printing method and labeled some of the views The Art Nouveau (Platino) Stereograph. The 100-view set depicts the daily life of Filipinos and Manila street scenes. The captions are short and factual.

Graves also published few views on the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, and a separate series of war-related views numbered in the range 5238 to 5251, with a photo quality lower than that of the platinum series, and with captions written in the negatives.

Louisiana Purchase Exposition

G108    The Water Moro Village. Louisiana Purchase Exposition
G109    The Visayan Village. Philippine Reservation. Louisiana Purchase Exposition
G110    The Visayan Village from Arrow Head Lake. Louisiana Purchase Exposition
G111    Parade of the Filipino Scouts. Plaza St. Louis. Louisiana Purchase Exposition
G112    The 4th and 8th Ohio Cavalry in Philippine Day Parade. Louisiana Purchase Exposition

Military views

G5032    Admiral Dewey “The Hero of Manila”
G5034    Battle of Manila, May 1, 1898, How Dewey did it
G5033    U.S.S. Raleigh (she helped Dewey)
G5036    Soldiers returning from the Philippines. San Francisco, Cal.
G5124    Captured Spanish flag from Manila. World Building. N. Y.
G5125    Troops for Manila aboard City of Peking
G5126    Troops for Manila, last man climbing aboard
G5127    City of Peking off for Manila
G5238    Philippine war, Gen. Anderson viewing insurgent dead in their trenches
G5239    Philippine War, Insurgent dead on the field after a charge
G5240    Philippine war, Insurgent dead as they fell, Battle of Santa Ana
G5241    Philippine war, Removing American dead by horse litter, battle of Pasig
G5242    Philippine war, 22nd U. S. Infantry lying prone before an advance
G5243    Philippine war, Washington Vol. Infantry in action, battle of Pasig
G5244    Philippine war, Utah Light Battery in action, battle of Pasig
G5245    Philippine war, Blockhouse captured by 10th Penna., Battle of Caloocan
G5246    Philippine war, 20th Kansas Vol. Infantry in action at Bigaa river
G5247    Philippine war, 20th US Infantry sharpshooters, battle of Pasig
G5248    Philippine war, General Lawton and Staff on Novalache Road
G5249    Philippine war, Lookout and signal station near Manila
G5250    Execution chamber and Garrote, Walled city of Manila
G5251    Philippine war, A Filipino funeral, La Loma church and cemetery

Numbered Philippine Set

G8901    Moonlight on Manila Bay
G8902    The Landing place on the Pasig River
G8903    Pasig River and the old city wall
G8904    Magellan Monument and Pasig River
G8905    A gate in the old Wall, Manila
G8906    The Calle Real Gate, Manila
G8907    United States soldiers under a banyan tree in the Botanical Gardens, Manila
G8908    Gateway to Fort Santiago in Old Manila
G8909    Antiquated Spanish cannon at Fort Santiago in Old Manila
G8910    On the walls of Old Manila
G8911    Rampart of Fort Guadeloupe, Cavite
G8912    The United States battleship Kentucky
G8913    The United States cruiser New York, Cavite
G8914    The landing place at Cavite
G8915    Entrance gate in the old fort wall, Cavite
G8916    An avenue in the Navy Yard, Cavite
G8917    Spanish Cruiser Reina Maria Cristina destroyed by Admiral Dewey in the battle of Manila Bay, May 1st, 1898
G8918    The Spanish cruiser Reina Maria Cristina, amidships
G8919    The end of Spanish tyranny. Dismounted cannon. Manila
G8920    Looking across Manila Bay from the walls of Fort Malate
G8921    The German cruiser Iltis, of Admiral van Diederich's squadron
G8922    The residence of General Chaffee, commanding general in the Philippines
G8923    General Chaffee and his aides
G8924    General Chaffee, commanding officer of the army in the Philippines
G8925    The 22nd U.S. Infantry at Camp Wallace
G8926    A mascot of the 22nd U.S. Infantry
G8927    The Twenty-fourth U.S. Infantry at drill, Camp Walker
G8928    The Twenty-fourth U.S. Infantry at drill, Camp Walker
G8929    The Execution Scaffold in Fort Malate
G8930    Calle Cabaldo, a prominent street
G8931    Binondo street and church
G8932    The Church of San Pedro Macati, the scene of terrific fighting
G8933    St. Thomas' Place and the Dominican Church
G8934    San Francisco Church in the old walled city
G8935    The steel Church of San Sebastian
G8936    An old Spanish church at Cavite
G8937    The artistic entrance gate to Santa Cruz Cemetery, Manila
G8938    In Santa Cruz Cemetery, Manila
G8939    The bone pit in Santa Cruz cemetery
G8940    I. The Bridge of Spain connecting the old and new cities. Manila
             II. The Bridge of Spain, Manila 41
G8941    A Market Place. Manila
G8942    Beggars outside a church door. Manila
G8943    Fine old Spanish stairway to the parapeted wall
G8944    Monument to Legazpi, the conqueror of the Philippines
G8945    Washerwomen at the Pasig River near the Bridge of Spain. Manila
G8946    The harbor of Manila by moonlight
G8947    A curious train on the Manila and Malabon Railway
G8948    Refreshments at a Philippine railway station
G8949    Girls' School at Malate. American teacher and native girls
G8950    Making the famous Manila rope
G8951    A Chinese pottery in Pandacan
G8952    Natives pounding out rice
G8953    Natives winnowing rice by hand, Pandacan
G8954    A bunch of Bananas (see F6558 and GG71)
G8955    By a cottage gate in Pandacan
G8956    A Filipino Home near Manila
G8957    The natives do their cooking outside
G8958    Sweet repose. How the Filipinos sleep
G8959    The public wash-ground in Manila
G8960    Stepping-stones across a shallow river of Luzon
G8961    The Chinese are the laborers of the Philippines. Boat-building
G8962    A woman of Tondo and her child
G8963    Manila milk-men. Manila
G8964    Poling barges up a stream
G8965    A modern Filipino mowing machine
G8966    Awaiting the Ferryman
G8967    A vinegar laden casco
G8968    The belle of the fishing village
G8969    Basket-fishing in the shallow rivers (same as K24055)
G8970    Looking for a "scrap"
G8971    The native Filipino prefers cock-fighting to work
G8972    Cock-fighting. The national sport of the Philippine Islands
G8973    A Filipino Game cock. The National Bird of the Philippines
G8974    A street market in a village of Luzon (see SG10)
G8975    Little Filipino children are carried astride their mother's hip
G8976    A little fishermaid of Cavite
G8977    On the Pasig River at San Pedro Macati (same as K37487)
G8978    Water-carriers of Tondo
G8979    A riverside village in the interior of Luzon
G8980    Filipino women returning from market
G8981    Filipino boys bathing. The leap
G8982    Filipino boys bathing. The splash
G8983    Natives and Caraboas. Ploughing in the mud (same as K37483)
G8984    The caraboa as a mount
G8985    The Caraboa in his element
G8986    Study of head of a caraboa, or water buffalo
G8987    A water study in Luzon
G8988    Filipino children at a wayside spring, Luzon
G8989    Fruit sellers of Tondo
G8990    Typical native boat, showing the curious prow
G8991    A beach scene at Cavite
G8992    A maiden of Pandacan
G8993    A Village Hydrant, Paco
G8994    A Filipino maiden taking her morning bath
G8995    Mother and children in their humble home
G8996    The barber. Tondo  
G8997    Flower sellers at Binondo Church. Manila
G8998    A fair maiden of Manila
G8999    Love and music. A Filipino courtship
G9000    I. Looking afar from the Philippine shore
              II. When the tide comes in. Manila Bay
G9453    A typical Filipino house. Luzon

Unnumbered Views

G10000    A group of typical Filipino children
G10005    Caraboa, or Water-buffalo. The beast of burden of the Philippines.
G10010    San Lucia Gate in the wall of Old Manila
G10015    The dense shipping on the Pasig River. Manila.
G10020    A country road near Tarlac
G10025    A Filipino Beauty dressed in her best

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